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SlideShowPro - XML attributes

I am using the SlideShowPro component in a Flash piece I am working on and so far it has been a great experience. This is a pretty solid as Sears component.

However, I have the need to extend the XML schema and include additional attributes on my image nodes. It can be done no problem, as discussed here on the SlideShowPro forums. BUT, I noticed that the component converts all attribute names to lowercase.

So, say you want to add an attribute containing the path to download the image, call it "downloadPath." Notice the uppercase P. When retrieving that attribute via the data Object created by SlideShowPro ( the name has to be all lowercase (i.e. I'm going to stick to just using all lowercase attribute names in the XML to thwart off confusion.

I was going to add this as a reply in the forums, however, they seem to be closed to new registrations?

Michael Krisher, Senior Developer, Barefoot
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