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A Fix for a WordPress Paging Problem

I recently discovered a problem in the next/previous paging links of a custom WordPress 2.2.1 site we created for Fractional Jets Focus. When viewing a list of articles by category, the previous posts link generated a 404 error.

After digging for too long through WordPress code and Google search results, I found that the problem was related to an apparent bug or conflict between the paging feature and custom permalinks.

Our custom permalink setting in Options -> Permalinks is this:


When you want to view all the posts for a certain category, an example URL is /blog/2007/9/. The problem is that the URL generated by next_posts_link() was misinterpreted by WordPress because of the permalink. The link was: /blog/2007/9/page/2/. Unfortunately, the string "page" in this URL was interpreted as a post name, instead of a token for the page index.

There is probably some voodoo I could have done in the .htaccess file with mod_rewrite to fix the issue, but I feared breaking something else. So, I wrote the following plugin. It's so short that I'm publishing the whole thing inline.

Plugin Name: Fix Paging in Category Listings
Plugin URI:
Description: Fixes a bug where next/previous links are broken in category by year/month listings
Version: 0.5
Author: Doug Smith
Author URI:

Copyright 2007 Doug Smith (email:

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.


* Function to fix problem where next/previous buttons are broken on list
* of posts in a category when the custom permalink string is:
* /%category%/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/
* The problem is that with a url like this:
* /category/2007/10/page/2
* the 'page' looks like a post name, not the keyword "page"
function remove_page_from_query_string($query_string)
if ($query_string['name'] == 'page' && isset($query_string['page'])) {
// 'page' in the query_string looks like '/2', so split it out
list($delim, $page_index) = split('/', $query_string['page']);
$query_string['paged'] = $page_index;
return $query_string;

add_filter('request', 'remove_page_from_query_string');


This plugin simply checks to see whether the post name is 'page', and if there is a 'page' parameter too. If so, it removes the 'name', and assigns the page index to the magic 'paged' parameter. Paging restored.

Doug Smith, Senior Developer, Barefoot


  1. Blogger jani.uljas said:  

    Just have to say a huge thanks! The plugin works just as promised and solved the problem I had on two sites...

  2. Blogger Tzaddi said:  

    Ditto that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Blogger Greg said:  

    Yes -- thank you!

  4. Blogger Sators said:  

    You are the Tylenol to my headache.

  5. Blogger Andy said:  

    Thank you so much for this post. It just opened my eyes to something I've been overlooking for the past 2 months.


  6. Blogger buRAK said:  

    Yesss. That's it. Thank you so much. First for the great analyze. And after for the solution.

  7. Blogger Shanx said:  

    Hi. This looks promising, but not sure how to get this working on my blog with a permalink structure of:


    The paging I wish is in the category pages. When I see the page:


    The 404 error appears. What part of your code should I modify to get it working?


  8. Blogger McGirl said:  

    THANK YOU! They should give you a medal for this.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    March 2009
    I just upgraded to WP 2.7.1 and was having problems with custom permalinks set to /%category%/%post_id%
    This plugin did not fix the problem, but I was able to modify the plugin as follows to fix my problem... hopefully this will help others!

    --start php--

    Plugin Name: Fix Paging in Category Listings

    function fix_page_in_category_from_query_string($query_string) {

    //Check to see if the 'p' and 'category_name' are set in $query_string
    if ( isset($query_string['category_name']) && isset($query_string['p']) ) {

    $category_name = $query_string['category_name'];
    $category_len = $category_name;

    //Check to see if the 'category_name' has '/page' on the end of it
    if (substr($category_name, $category_len-5,5) == '/page') {

    //Remove '/page' from the end of 'category_name'
    $query_string['category_name'] = substr($query_string['category_name'],0,$category_len-5);

    //Set 'paged' equal to the page you want to go to
    $query_string['paged'] = $query_string['p'];

    //Unset 'p' since we don't need it anymore because we set 'paged' instead
    return $query_string;

    add_filter('request', 'fix_page_in_category_from_query_string');

    -- end php --

  10. Blogger Dave Redfern said:  

    Thanks for this - been looking for a fix for months!

  11. Blogger vlatko said:  

    Thank You very much! Works perfectly!

  12. Blogger Ed said:  

    Thanks for sharing! I'm using the custom permalink structure '/%category%/%postname%/' with Wordpress 2.7.1... Tried numerous other solutions online, but this was the only one that worked for me.

  13. Blogger Johnnie said:  

    I absolutely love you! been have a problem with this for months, Thank you so much!

  14. Blogger Tyler said:  

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for.

  15. Blogger T.H.E. Truth said:  

    HOly f-ing shi* THis fixed it, OMG thsnk youuuuu

  16. Blogger Avram said:  

    Thank you so much - this was driving me crazy. It's interesting that this has been an issue with WP for so long and hasn't been fixed yet.

  17. Blogger Bibiana said:  

    Hi, my permalinks are %category%/%post-name% but I can't figured out how to make it work. The pagination didn't work and 'page' isn't removed from url.
    Any help?

    Thank you so much

  18. Blogger Bibiana said:  

    Its working now with jsherk solution. Thank u so much!

  19. Anonymous Anonymous said:  

    Your plugin just saved the day. Thank you!

  20. Blogger kaubonschen said:  

    thank you very much!!!

  21. Blogger Lawcom said:  

    Where does this code go ?

  22. Blogger Lawcom said:  

    opps sorry got it ! made it in to a plugin ..
    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work :-(
    I am using permalink structure ..

    anything I'm doing wrong ?

  23. Blogger Lawcom said:  

    Excuse the fluster..

  24. Blogger Fred said:  

    Thanks, this works nicely. It seems to add a split second to rendering time for the page, though - any idea why?

  25. Blogger Fred said:  

    Ah, nevermind. It was a "my bad". This is still a great fix, thank you.

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